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Ticket Types

Urban Zone Outside Urban Zone Peristeria
Pupil/ Large Families/ Handicapped 0,7 1 1
Student/ Military 0,7 1,5 1,5
Regular 1,3 2 2

30 Day Smart Card

Pupil/Students/Large Families/Handicapped 30€
Military/ Substitute Teachers 40€
Regular 50€

Map of Zone Boundaries

Salamina BUS CARD

smart card front

Personalized Card

Personalized BUS SMART CARD has on the back the photo, the name of the holder and contains information about his passenger profile.


  • To the regular passengers of the city who buy monthly or annual cards.
  • In the special categories of passengers who are entitled to a discount or free transportation (students, large families, etc.)


  • In the event of loss, theft or destruction, the holder retains the fare products that were already stored on the card at the time it declared its loss, theft or destruction.

Anonymous Card

Anonymous Card is for the passengers who are not eligible for a discount and they want to have a smart card in the wallet which they can charge with one way ticket or other discount products

The anonymous ticket BUS SMART TICKET does not bear the details of its holder, therefore it is not replaced and is not compensated in case of loss, theft or destruction.